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When you find yourself facing criminal charges, you may be at a loss about next steps. Without comprehensive legal advice, you expose yourself to serious legal consequences, such as jail time, difficulty travelling, restricted employment possibilities, and smaller chances of getting bail in future arrests.

With more than 20 years combined experience practicing criminal law, the St. Albert lawyers of Leebody Lloyd LLP have advised and represented clients on a wide range of criminal offences. We exclusively practice criminal defence law, and we can give you the strategic advice and representation you need to alleviate the seriousness of your criminal matter.

Experienced and knowledgeable help for a wide range of criminal charges

Criminal charges can range in subject and seriousness. Brad and Dave have considerable experience representing clients charged on a wide range of offences.

Our knowledgeable lawyers can represent you in a variety of criminal matters, including:

Early intervention is the key to prevent your charges from escalating

It is crucial that you contact us early in the process so we can provide the immediate assistance you need to reduce the potential consequences of your case. Early intervention will allow your lawyer to reduce some of the serious possible harm you are facing.

We can intervene immediately, to try to prevent your charges from becoming more serious. From the time you call us, we will work hard to access your police file and analyze your case. Even before you appear in court, we will attempt to reduce the consequences of the charges by negotiating with the Crown. We will also access non-criminal diversion programs or professional help for you, to prove to the court that a serious sentence is not necessary in your case.

Call us immediately if you have been charged with a crime

We are always available to answer your call. Your consultation is free of charge. Call us at 587-404-0134 or text Dave at 780-977-1135 or Brad at 780-719-0208. You can also use our online form to reach us.